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Poolside Landscape Design

This was a big project, not necessarily in scale, but in coordinating all the different elements — design, plantings, fencing, lighting, stonework, irrigation and even dirt delivery — and being able to have that coincide with the pool construction and all it's different phases. The design phase began early. First thing was to determine how many trees needed to...

Proper Irrigation System Conserves Water

Automatic in-ground irrigation systems are a common method for watering our lawns. Unfortunately, many irrigation systems can be inefficient. Sometimes as much as half of the water delivered through the systems doesn’t benefit the intended plants. However, a properly designed landscape and irrigation system WILL save water. This means organizing your plants in “irrigation zones,” using the correct sprinkler type and implementing...

Zoysia Large Patch Fungus

In Spring 2014, we had lots of issues with Zoysia large patch/Fungus. Most of it is due to atmospheric conditions, humidity, etc… and are simply out of our control. Applying Fungicide Treatments after fungus is spotted is always a flip of a coin if it will actually help control an active fungus, when spores have  already multiplied...