Fire Pits Make Year-round Outdoor Living Better

An outdoor fire pit. Nature's stunning beauty invites us outdoors in the fall, and thanks to outdoor fire pits, living rooms can extend as far outside as property lines permit. Custom outdoor  fire pits are an ideal solution for year round outdoor living. Butler Landscape and Design can help you design an outdoor living space with...

Enjoy ‘Stella de Oro’ America’s Beloved Flower

'Stella de Oro' begins its display of golden yellow flowers in mid-June and keeps on flowering at a steady pace until fall if the spent blooms are removed. Her individual flowers survive just 1 day, but Stella de Oro daylily will re-bloom. She will put out more profusely if the spent flowers are deadheaded: remove...

3 Reasons to Mulch with Pinestraw

There are many good reasons to use pine straw mulch. Often the main goal is to prevent weed growth and to enhance the beauty of your landscape. 1. A quality long leaf pine straw has a beautiful auburn appearance when first installed bringing vibrant beauty to your garden. The rich, deep color can provide a nice...