Specialized Services

We realize not everyone is interested in a complete landscape makeover. Thus, Butler Landscape Management can address any specific needs you may have, including irrigation, seasonal annual beds, retaining walls, mulching, re-sodding, stone work,  lighting fixtures and much more. Our hard work and expertise will keep your property flourishing.

Annual and Perennial Beds Installation

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Annual Planting

A thoughtful, well planned and executed color bed can add drama and sizzle to your landscape and is usually the focal point of your home. Good soil preparation is the cornerstone for a successful flowerbed. Our beds are tilled to a 6-12″ depth and soil amenities such as cow manure, mushroom compost, natures helper, lime and fertilizer are then incorporated into the soil.

With our keen understanding of color schemes and blooming times we can create bold and vibrant displays of color year round. Our extensive plant palette and artistic vision allow us to create imaginative displays which are unique and personalized for your home.

Aeration and Overseeding

A luxurious fescue lawn is seldom easy. Proper timing of the aeration process is critical for successful fescue seed germination and plant development. In our area, September to mid-October is the only time period we recommend for fescue seed establishment. If your lawn has been extensively devastated by the summer heat or overtaken by persistent weed pests such as violets, a complete lawn renovation may be your best option.

The benefits of good core aeration are many. Core aeration facilitates the passage of nutrients into the root zone, reduces thatch, reintroduces beneficial microorganisms into the upper soil layer and relieves soil compaction. It also provides good seed-to-soil contact and a protected environment for seeds to develop. Core aeration can benefit warm season grasses as well and can be performed almost any time of year. It is especially effective in poor soil conditions or on areas which receive high amounts of traffic.

No matter what type of lawn you have, if you are dissatisfied with its appearance we can help. A personal consultation and proposal by one of our professionals is free and without obligation.


Installing an irrigation system for your lawn as well as your landscape plantings is the best way to protect your investment in your landscape.

Butler Landscape Management believes automatic watering systems are not only a convenient way to keep your grass and plants healthy, they are also more effective than hand-watering and they are the most environmentally irrigation installation athens garesponsible way to water.

Our professional irrigation team provides:

  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Seasonally adjusted for our ever-changing weather
  • Fully warranted systems and components
  • Expert and timely service


Drainage issues can also be a significant problem in your landscape, not only leading to flooding and erosion problems, but potentially putting your home at risk, too, as a result of basement flooding, water leaks and foundation problems.

To prevent damage, install a proper drainage system as needed for new landscaping projects or at the first sign of problems.

drainageButler Landscape Management has the knowledge and experience to control drainage problems by using a combination of surface water and below ground drainage systems. These installations may include:

  • Curtain Drains
  • Downspout Pipes
  • Drainage Boxes
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • French Drains
  • Rain/Bog Gardens

Site Clearing

No landscape design project can get underway without site clearing and site grading. Whether it’s weeds and dead grass, tangled vines or unsightly shrubs, Butler Landscapes has the equipment we need to clear the land properly and efficiently. Be it acres and acres or a mess of scraggly stumps, we’ve got it covered.

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Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting athens gaNightscaping can showcase your home by dramatizing tree silhouettes and accenting focal areas such as statues, fountains or flowerbeds. Landscape lighting extends the enjoyment period of your landscape and provides additional safety and security.

Understanding the architectural features of your home, plants which deserve additional emphasis, the various lighting techniques available and safety issues are key elements for successful and magical night-lit creations.

Backyard Renovation

In most cases your existing landscape will have desirable elements that can still be useful. Overgrown or improperly pruned shrubs can be made attractive again if they receive rejuvenation pruning (reducing the plant to 1/3 of its original height).   Entire shrub beds can often be reclaimed once overtaken by an invasive plant.

Sometimes just the addition of a few plants at key locations can help inject interest and variety into your landscape. There are many innovative cost saving ideas and services we can offer.

Call us today for a free consultation.

We can make recommendations and can answer any questions you may have.