Early fall is considered by turf experts to be the best planting time to plant fescue and other cool season grass because this allows for more growing time under ideal growth conditions.

September through November is considered THE time for seeding in the Athens, Watkinsville and Oconee county area — whether you are establishing new plots, repairing drought and summer damage,  or over-seeding.

Advantages of Early Fall Seeding

The advantages of early fall seeding include warm soil temperatures for good germination, less weed competition and diminishing summer heat and drought stress.  By comparison, spring seeding conflicts with crabgrass and weed control applications and leaves very little time for seedlings to mature before they must endure the heat, drought and other stresses associated with summer.

Lawn Experts

For existing lawns Butler Landscape and Design knows how extremely important it is that your seed be in contact with soil, as opposed to scattering over dead, thatch material in the lawn.  For large areas core aeration is the most practical means of penetrating thatch to get the seed to the soil.  Nearly all germination will occur within the protected aeration holes, which is fine.  As the seedlings mature through the fall and following spring, the spacing is sufficient to develop a thick lawn.

For new or bare areas, Butler Landscape and Design removes any thatch and applies seed to finely cultivated topsoil  added or worked and loosened to a depth of 1”.  After applying seed, straw mulch is added to keep the seed shaded, moist and protected from the elements.

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