Fire Pits Make Year-round Outdoor Living Better

Fire Pits Make Year-round Outdoor Living Better

An outdoor fire pit. Nature’s stunning beauty invites us outdoors in the fall, and thanks to outdoor fire pits, living rooms can extend as far outside as property lines permit.

Custom outdoor  fire pits are an ideal solution for year round outdoor living. Butler Landscape and Design can help you design an outdoor living space with a custom outdoor fire feature that suits both your home’s architecture and your personal preferences.

Fire Pits Add Functionality to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor fire pits appeal to many homeowners because they create an intimate outdoor space that can be used throughout the year.

custom-fire-pitA fire pit:

  • Is fun year round, from roasting kebabs, to roasting marshmallows and drinking coffee.
  • Provides a central gathering point of warmth and light
  • Can go great with a pool or standalone on your patio

What We Offer

Our design team can design both traditional wood burning and gas burning fire pits, depending on the homeowner’s preference. Some of the benefits of a gas burning fire pit are that they are easy to maintain and are environmentally friendly. Homeowners can customize their fire pits by selecting from an array of shapes, stone facades, and fire glass or lava rock options.

Sit by the fire. This is a no brainer, especially for cool nights. As soon as the outdoor fire pit is lit, everyone will congregate. Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating as most people will want to stop and enjoy the fire for as long as possible. Stone seat benches can be designed and constructed around a fire pit to complement the fire pit in texture and color, creating an intimate outdoor living space.

Cool weather is just around the corner. Making an outdoor living space appealing on a cold winter day can be quite fun when you build a great big fire to gather ’round. Dress warmly and carry out plenty of thick blankets to drape over chairs and laps. Be sure to invite your friends — the more the merrier … and warmer.

To schedule your initial consultation for your Georgia fire pit, call us today at (706) 254 6564.

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