Winter Color, Fragrance & Inspiration

Winter is a time for beauty in your garden and home landscape. We often forget that Winter can be an attractive time for flowering colors and deep hues from fruit, foliage and bark

There more to Winter than just Camellias,  Evergreens and Hollies to add color to your garden.

To learn more about winter garden beauty read “Plant for Beauty and Interest” from Arty’s Garden at the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

A Good Time for Planting

Winter months (Dec. through Feb.) are very suitable in our Georgia climate to plant trees and shrubs.

If you may be waiting until after the holidays for the conifers to go on sale, and want to add Leland Cypress for extra privacy, now is the time.

The earlier the better simply because it gives plantings more time to get established before spring and we have ample rainfall during the upcoming months.

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