Butler Landscapes is your sod installation specialist.  Our trained sod installers can remove your old grass and lay a healthy quality turf grass of your choice.

Butler Landscapes is Athens’ and Watkinsville  premier installer of high quality Bermuda sod, Zoysia sod, St. Augustine Sod, Centipede sod. These types of warm season turf can grow in light conditions ranging from as little as 4 hours per day, all the way to Full sun exposure all day long.

We offer services to homeowners and business owners.. We will help you choose the perfect grass for your location. Our trained sod installers can also remove your old grass and lay a healthy quality turf grass of your choice.

Contact us or call 706-254-6564 to have a sod specialist provide you with a free consultation and quote for a professional installation.

Sod Installation

Our sod installation crews are experienced and meticulous. Each employee is screened and trained before ever laying the first piece of turf grass. Each crew is supervised by one of our on-site supervisors and when finished a quality control manager checks each project to ensure your expectations have been met. Below is a brief description on what you can expect when hiring us to install your lawn.

Kill Old Lawn

For best results, water and fertilize your lawn so that it is in a vigorous growth mode. Then we will spray with Roundup®. Roundup is a highly effective herbicide that enters the plant through its foliage and is translocated all the way down to its root system. One thorough treatment will usually completely kill your old lawn and weeds.

Remove Dead Lawn

Using a sod cutter, strip away dead turf, or we can cut and bag the dead grass at ground level.

Rototill Soil

We will call and have all utilities located. After removing rocks or debris, we rototill soil to a depth of four to six inches, then add soil amendments if needed.

Rake and Fine Grade

We rake to break large clods and remove any remaining debris and Fine grade by scraping across the surface to smooth uneven areas. Finished grade will be 1/2 inch below walks, driveways and patios. Sod is uniformly machine cut and will conform to any irregularities left in the grade.

Fertilize and Roll Soil

We fertilize using a broadcast spreader and starter fertilizer then roll the soil to settle and firm the surface. Soil will be dry to avoid compaction. Fine grade again if necessary.

Lay Sod

Begin laying freshly cut sod adjacent to the longest boundary of the area to be covered. Stagger each new row of sod so that seams are offset. Butt ends and edges tightly together.

Roll Sod

When all sod is installed, we use a roller in insure a good contact between the sod and native soil.

Water Thoroughly

Most Lawn problems result from improper watering (either too much or too little). To avoid having dry patches in your lawn and to promote even growth we will water your sod immediately and advise on a watering program to ensure optimum growth.

A good rule of thumb is to apply 1-inch of water per week (divided into 2 or 3 watering cycles). We recommend 1″ of rain or irrigation equivalent per week for the Clarke County and  Oconee County area. To judge how much time this will take for your lawn, you can audit your sprinkler system by placing cups in the lawn area and measuring the amount of water captured in a specific length of time. Remember, 1 inch per week is a guideline for average soil conditions; sandy soil will require more water, and heavy clay soils usually require less water.

After sod is established, water less often for longer periods of time, paying close attention to the amount of water applied. 2-3″ is preferable for the first 3 weeks after installation is complete.