In Spring 2014, we had lots of issues with Zoysia large patch/Fungus.

Most of it is due to atmospheric conditions, humidity, etc… and are simply out of our control.

Applying Fungicide Treatments after fungus is spotted is always a flip of a coin if it will actually help control an active fungus, when spores have  already multiplied and become visible.

Preventative Fungus Treatments

Butler Landscape and Design is offering 2 preventative treatments this fall season to control spring large patch, as a preventative measure.

Treating or pre-treating for fungus the fall prior to spring almost 100% guarantees no fungus in lawn the next spring, also eliminating the bad looking orange/brown circles/rings  in lawn.

If you already have normal turf-care services with us, adding fungicide will increase the normal cost by the amount of your current care. We offer a one-time fungicide application or two rounds of treatment. A pricing example follows:

Pricing Example

If your normal round application price were $75, 1 fungicide app would be $150, or our 2 round fall treatment would be $300.00

Please drop us an email or call 706 254 6564 if you would like to be on our Fall pre-treat fungicide list.